Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing: The Seggie's!

Hello followers. Thanks for reading The Future Seggie's, but since we are married now I figured I should start a new blog! And instead of just changing the blog name, I decided to just start a whole new blog (mainly I came to this decision because I couldn't figure out how to change the email address the blog was linked to). Since I am a little behind in starting my blog, I guess I better back track through a few things. Let's start with

The Wedding:

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect. The first few days Sean and I of course stayed in separate rooms (to go with tradition- which when it comes to certain things, I am a huge fan of). My cousin Sara, and two friends Laurel and Jen had a "slumber party" of sorts Thursday night in the bridal suite while Sean stayed with his dad. Friday night it was just Sara and I, and we got some good shut eye before the big day. The first two days were fun, but I couldn't fully relax since the pending nuptials were so soon. Thursday night was the BBQ at my parents' condo that they were staying in, and all our friends and family that had already arrived joined us. It was a nice mellow way to hang out with everyone and have a good time.

It was that night that I discovered yet another way that I was indeed my father's daughter. Upon seeing some friends waiting for our shuttle to take us there, I exclaimed from the distance "ALOOOOOOHA!" with arms waving in one giant circle. As if I didn't get made fun of for that, when we arrived at the condo, my dad comes out of the front door, both arms in a giant arching circle and exclaims "AHOOOOOOOHA!!!" I don't think I'll ever live that down.

Friday was filled with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Tommy Bahamas (which was delish), and an early bedtime. The day of the wedding, we had separate boys and girls breakfasts. While I was getting ready it rained a little bit which is supposed to be good luck- the rain on your wedding day washes away all the bad things that happened to the two of you and you start your life together fresh. We took our pre-wedding photos (separately of course- I adhered to the tradition that the groom does not see the bride the day of before the ceremony), and then the ceremony began. We really liked Pastor Dean Kauka who performed the ceremony for us. He had some great things to say and the ceremony was nice a short, and was a neat blend of a Christian ceremony with some Hawaiian tradition mixed in. After, we took our pictures together and then celebrated the night away at our reception.

It was truly a magical day and we are so excited to finally be Mr. and Mrs. Seggie.

Look here for a glimpse of our wedding photos!

The honeymoon was fabulous, full of snorkeling, kayaking, hiking along the beach, eating, and relaxing! We had a wonderful time, celebrating a bit with friends, and mostly just enjoying our time alone.

Our wedding video arrived just yesterday, and I cannot wait for Sean to be home from work so that we can watch it together!!