Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy as a bee...

Sean and I have been soooo busy this year already. I can't believe the end of February is already here, but that also means Sean and I go on our vacation next week. We've been busy with lots of fun things: OAR concert, Dinner with friends at Club 33 at Disneyland, my father-in-law's wedding, a great relationship seminar at our church, starting a financial class at our previous church, book club, baby showers, bunco, Wicked, spin classes, kitchen/dining room painting.... just to name a few. March should start a little bit calmer of a time for us- we still have things coming up but I'm hoping it's not so jam packed so that we can breath and veg out on the couch- also, give our poor dogs some more attention... as if they don't get enough already.

At O.A.R.

Club 33

Outside the Pantages for Wicked

I mentioned baby showers- I had two friends with baby showers on the same day, so unfortunately I only made it to one of them, but I found the cutest pattern for these travel diaper pouches. I had enough fabric for both so I whipped up a couple of holders for both ladies, and put some newborn diapers and travel wipes in each of them. I also made a couple of burp cloths out of cloth diapers and fabric strips for them as well. I used this pattern, and followed the directions and they were pretty easy to do! Here's the only picture of them that I got (no picture of the burp cloths).

I've been working on a couple sewing projects recently- I'll have to do a post on them! Also, before and afters to come of the freshly painted kitchen and dining room - I still have some touch ups to do and haven't tackled the cabinets yet... but I will get it done soon!