Friday, September 30, 2011

Funny Friday

This morning Sean went surfing and when he came home he brought me a beautiful bouquet of lilies which I put in a vase and put next to me on my desk in the office. Sean tends to get me flowers for no reason every once in a while which is nice, but this morning, he gave them to me and said "I had a nightmare last night!" When I asked what it was about he said that it was about a conversation we had last night. He said that in the dream, I was right about what we were talking about. So I asked "why is that a nightmare?" His response..... "Because I was wrong!" Oh I love my hubby. TGIF friends, hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ok, so I've been a little absent. I've been going through a blogging funk- "Nothing interesting enough to write a post about is happening." Oh well. We've had a lot going on.... again. Sean finished and passed his Engineers test- YAY! Now we just have to wait for the official results. His test is good for a year, so depending how many spots end up opening up, and what his rank is for the test, we will see if he is able to promote. Even if it doesn't happen this year, I am extremely proud of him for all his hard work and dedication he put into studying and getting ready for the test. If one thing I've learned about my husband, it's that when he puts his mind to getting something done, it's going to happen. I'm proud of you Sean!

Any way, I just started looking at pinterest this morning- so amazing. I'm just waiting for my invite right now so that I can officially join and start pinning things that I'm interested in (not sure if "pinning" is a part of the official lingo, but it sounds right). And I got to thinking... If I was talented enough and could do any job in the world or have any full time hobby what would it be? Well of course money in this scenario would need to not be a factor, but I came up with the following- If I had the talents and time, I would love to do/be the following:

- a chef.... even though now it's just for me an Sean, and my meals aren't gourmet, and sometimes turn out awful, I would love to cook. I love cooking and baking and making food, the smells that fill the house, and the food you get to eat when you're done!

- a photographer.... I have a nice camera that I've barely started experimenting with, but as I continue to experiment and more photos come out nicer, I get more excited. Something about being able to capture the moments of your life- even the simple ones, is very satisfying and pleasurable.

- a singer... now this is where the caveat that if I could have the talents come in. I love to sing- to my dogs, in the shower, in the car, walking down the street, anywhere... my only downfall- I don't have a good singing voice.

- a dancer... I loved dancing and performing- give me a character to be while I dance, and I'm all for it. I'm rather shy around people I don't know very well, and tend to be kind of awkward some times, but when I danced, I could become any character- not saying I was the most talented one in the bunch but I loved playing the role. I no longer have the skills I used to, but I still love to dance (even though now it's mainly around my house during episodes of Glee, or with my iTunes playing when no one's around to watch me but my dogs).

After writing this post, and thinking about it.... even though these aren't things I can pursue full time and in lieu of my job and regular life, I am making a commitment to myself to include them in my life more often. I will cook more, take more pictures, sing more (sorry everyone), and dance more. These are things I love and things that make me happy. If you could spend all your time doing things you love what would they be? Ask yourself- even though I may not be able to do this full time, how can I incorporate it in my life more?

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy as a Bee

So I realize I haven't blogged in a while, but I feel like Sean and I have been so so busy with many random things. This week was a pretty busy one. It started out with a full house- our friends were having their place tented so we offered for them to stay here with us with their dogs instead of having to front the expensive boarding fees. It was a blast and hilarious. They have two dogs, one little Pomeranian, and then a big guy- some type of mix they're thinking with pit, Rhodesian ridgeback, and who knows. Both are the sweetest dogs ever. Ace LOVED having Reef here- finally someone his own size to play with. Summer liked it sometimes, and Meeko was happy that they had each other to mess with. Tristan and Sean were working together one of the days at the same station, so Amanda and I played the good fire wife role and brought a yummy nectarine blueberry cobbler to all the guys at the station along with some vanilla ice cream- there were no leftovers which is nice because then we probably would have eaten too much. Amanda was kind enough to cook a delicious meal on Tuesday- shrimp tacos, with homemade Mexican rice, and homemade refried beans. Although Ace misses his friends, they were exhausted after everyone left. It was fun, and nice to know that all the dogs get a long if anyone is traveling and needs to leave the pups behind for a little bit, and was great to get to spend some good quality time with our friends.

Yummy Nectarine Blueberry Cobbler

Just a moment of stillness

We of course had more going on during the week, but now it is Labor Day weekend, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the 3 day weekend in the sun!